I sat at my kitchen table Feeling so sad Because everything looked real bad Will I ever be happy while everyone is sad ? I want to be happy Like a jolly old dad Is that something bad ? I sat at my kitchen table Feeling so sad Because no one wants to see,



The beautiful imagery of the night Seeking out the day In a creative way, Each protecting the other in turn Showing a mutual bond. A personal touch As God will always watch, Even evident, through all heavenly bodies. The creation of day and Night, Depicts all things that should be



Consciousness of being seeing and Learning An accelerated transformation Divine transmutation Total realization Renouncing abysmal ignorance Exposing the real significance. The end of illusional perceptions and Thinking, Impractical ideas and dys-functional Wishing, Knowledge is unfold, History to be told, Innate abilities to behold The truth and identifications, Awareness of all that is cosmic, Reality and not comic, Un-restricted functions Wisdom- guided expressions, Life is timeless, practical and Adaptable. To learn, To be expressive To demonstrate…


A Crying Heart

When my heart cries, Everything looks dry, Every moment becomes eternity As my imagination erases any reality. My world freezes within a second Dispelling all things with life Including a crazy man’s wife. When my heart cries, I see no tomorrow

"A Crying Heart"